The textile industry is the third biggest polluter of the planet, and hosiery often goes under the radar as a ‘throwaway’ ‘single-use plastic’ item.

If we have the ability to change the outlook of an entire industry, why wouldn’t we?

The Legwear Co. is the product of 6 years research and development. Working with the world’s leading yarn producers and hosiery manufacturers.

We looked at the traditional hosiery on the market and thought, how can we do this better? Our market research showed women wanted long-lasting tights that make them feel more confident.

Most hosiery products on the market are poorly manufactured and ladder or tear after just a few wears, this has a huge impact on the environment. Our legwear pieces are designed to last and actually come with a 60 day warranty which is a world first in our industry. If you don’t like them, or if you need a different size, simply send them back within 60 days and we will refund you or replace them for the right size.

Each customer gets the chance to return any unwanted/old hosiery for us to recycle free of charge. This can be any brand, not just products purchased from TLC. We will then recycle this material and save it from ending up in landfill.

Our plan is to recover as much waste hosiery from households around the world as possible. We continue to explore how we can use this waste to create our own yarn that can be made back into hosiery. Creating a completely sustainable & verticle manufacturing process.

We are not just an eco-friendly fashion brand.

Our mission is to make the best quality hosiery tights you can buy. Cutting out the middleman and selling them direct to the consumer means we can also keep them affordable, even though they cost several times more than the average pair to manufacture.

Be a part of our plan to disrupt an $11B a year industry.