How sustainable is "sustainable"?

We have created long lasting products tested to last over 100 washes. Garments made by The Legwear Co. use “Q-NOVA” by Fulgar. This recycled nylon 6,6 Italian fibre is made from regenerated raw materials, more than half being unusable pre-consumption that would have been disposed of as external waste (including recycled plastic bottles or waste nets pulled from the ocean). These used materials are then recast using a mechanical regeneration system that does not use any chemicals.

We use carbon neutral delivery and plastic-free packaging. We also plant a tree for every order placed with our manufacturer. 

In order to further reduce waste, we run an initiative called the Sustainable Hosiery Initiative, which recycles waste from any hosiery brand, not just ours. You can find more about that below.

However, we also understand that micro plastics are inevitable in the development of hosiery. That's why we are in the process of developing a micro-plastic wash bag for our customers.

Size Chart

You can find our size chart here. We generally suggest going down a size if you are unsure. However, if your product doesn't fit, we offer a 60-day warranty and peace of mind guarantee for easy exchanges.


If you have purchased from us before, we fund your shipping! Simply collect 4+ items of hosiery and ship it back to us (Level 9, Nishi Building, 2 Phillip Law St, Canberra ACT 2601) with a copy of your previous TLC order number. Then, email us a copy of your OzPost receipt and we will refund you all shipping costs incurred. If you are not a TLC customer, you can post back the items at your own cost and we will recycle them for free!

What happens if my item is faulty or has torn?

Email us at with your order number and a picture of the issue. If the photograph is unclear, we may need you to post back the goods for analysis. Once we verify your oder we will replace the faulty goods as soon as possible.