Work Sustainably from Home with These Essentials

If you’ve spent the best part of this year at home, you’ve probably figured out how to make your space into a functioning workstation. But as far as creating a sustainable workspace goes, you may find you were a bit hasty in the transition to working from home and haven’t made too many changes since. We’ve rounded up a list of the essentials you need for working from home, that shouldn’t cost you or the planet.

Reusable Water Bottle

The last thing you need clogging up your workstation is a bunch of old plastic bottles. You need to remain hydrated throughout the day, sure, but you should also be conscious of minimising your waste and environmental impact. Investing in a reusable bottle that you can have on your desk and take with you on your lunchtime walks will instantly reduce your carbon footprint, whilst encouraging you to get as much water in as possible. 

DIY Laptop Stand

Working off a laptop screen can be both straining on the eyes and on the back and neck. The natural solution? Invest in a laptop stand. The sustainable solution? Grab a couple of your old uni textbooks or some back issues of your favourite magazines, stack them up and pop your computer on top. You’ve spent no money and you’ve found a way to repurpose some otherwise unused items from around the house. Plus, now you’re not looking down all the time!

Good Pair of Slippers

As the weather gets colder, you’ll naturally find yourself turning on the heating as a bit of an indulgence. Not only will this burn a hole in your pocket (remember, your company isn’t paying the bills when you work from home!) but the extra use of energy isn’t helping the planet. Investing in a good pair of slippers to keep you warm is a much smarter use of your hard-earned money. Your feet play a vital role in regulating your body temperature, after all. Opt for some sustainably-made slides like these ones from Parachute, or invest in a nice thick pair of home socks to keep you warm throughout your work day.

Reusable Pen

If you prefer to put pen to paper when it comes to planning out your day, you’ll probably find you go through your bics in no time. For a more sustainable option, ditch the single-use supermarket biros and opt for something a little fancier. A pen with a replaceable ink cartridge will last you years, and is a much more cost-effective option over time than its cheaper counterparts. 

The Legwear Co ECO Shapewear Leggings

You need something comfortable for days at the desk, and it’s an added bonus if your clothes are made sustainably. Our ECO Shapewear Leggings are perfect for working from home and working out, come in two shades and have been fabricated with nylon yarns made from recycled pre-consumer waste! Sounds like a mouthful, but essentially, these are set to be your WFH staple going into the cooler months. 

We are so confident you will love our hosiery pieces, we offer a 60-day warranty on all our products.