How to Store Your Tights to Avoid Tears

We’ve all been there: you’re running late for work, scrambling to get ready, when you reach into your top drawer to fish out your last clean pair of tights and suddenly you’ve got a finger poking right through where your knee would usually be. Grim! Keeping your tights in tip top shape isn’t really a fine art. All it really comes down to is smart storage, and making sure they don’t accidentally get bundled up and tossed in the dryer. 

Roll them

Like we said before, the last thing you need when you reach into your sock drawer is to find a tangled mess. So often when you store clothes and other garments in drawers it’s tempting to fold and stack them, but with this method, the wheels fall off as soon as you start digging around for the thing at the bottom of the pile. 

Rolling your tights means they’re easy to store upwards and there’s no fear of them getting tangled. How to roll? Fold your tights in half lengthways, take the toes and roll them all the way up toward the waistband. If you want to be extra neat, roll the waistband back down over the tights to hold them in place, like you would a pair of socks. 

Bag them

If you have a collection of more expensive or high-end hosiery you’d like to take extra care of, stowing them away in bags is a safer option. Any type of small bag will suit, from sandwich bags to silk and organza pouches. Be sure to label each so you can identify your pairs easily without having to rifle through the bags. For extra ease of access, stand the bags up in your drawer so you can flick through and find the pair you’re looking for, without fear of damaging any in the process. 

Hang them

Short on drawer space? If you’re well-endowed in the wardrobe department, may we suggest hanging them instead. Hanging your stockings will require you to have a set of coat hangers with a bar across the bottom that you can fold them over. Having your tights hanging will make it easy for you to not only access them, but also organise.

Try dividers

Drawer dividers are a godsend as they keep everything neat and organised when you have a system in place. They’re also very easy to find in stores, making them cost-effective. If you don’t want to buy new, anything from a shoe box to a tissue box with the top cut off will do. 

We are so confident you will love our hosiery pieces, we offer a 60-day warranty on all our products.