Creative Ways to Reuse Your Old Tights

Got a slew of old hosiery clogging up your top drawer? If the tights you lived in last winter have seen better days, don’t run for the bin. There are plenty of ways to upcycle your old wares and avoid sending them to landfill. We’ve put together a list of our favourite crafty ways to reuse your pre-loved tights so you can re-love them.

DIY Hair Tie

Making a hair tie out of your tights is as simple as cutting the legs into 2cm widths. One pair of tights should give you an ample supply of hair ties to keep everywhere from your bag to your desk and your wrist. 

Delicate Wash Bag

Yes, you should wash your tights in a delicates bag along with your bras and nicer intimates. You can also use an old pair of tights as a wash bag. Place your delicates into your old stockings, and just remember to tie a knot at the end to avoid anything falling out. 

Scent Bags

Take the feet sections of your stockings and cut them off. Fill them with sweet-smelling dried flowers like lavender or rose petals and potpourri and tie them off. These can be kept in your wardrobe, drawers, bathroom, car and even shoes to keep them smelling fresh. 

Cleaning Cloths

Cut your hosiery into different lengths and keep them in various areas around the house. Keep some in the bathroom for cleaning soap scum off the tiles, use it with shoe polish to clean up your favourite boots and even pair a piece with olive oil to breathe new life into wooden furniture. On its own, hosiery fabric is also great for polishing metals like silver, gold and brass. 

Soap on a Rope

If you’re a fan of bar soap but find you can never finish a piece and have shards all over the shower, grab some old pantyhose and fill them up with your discarded Dove bars. Tie it up and hang it from your shower caddy or next to your tap. These are also great for keeping outdoors or taking camping or on your other travels. 

Garlic & Onion Storage

Old stockings are perfect for ensuring your smellier root veggies are kept nice and dry, and therefore fresh. Cut a pair of tights in half so you have two separate legs, then place your onion or garlic in one at a time, tying a knot in between each. Hang your stockings in the pantry for easy access next time you’re cooking. 

Send them to us!

If you’ve exhausted your uses for old hosiery, there’s no need to feel guilty. We’ll happily accept your hosiery waste so it can be recycled into a shiny new material and given a second life. Recycling old hosiery is one of our favourite things to do! That’s why it doesn’t matter whether they came from us or from your local supermarket. Reach out to us and we’ll take care of the rest.

We are so confident you will love our hosiery pieces, we offer a 60-day warranty on all our products.